Our Story

We are a team of dedicated Special Educators, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and Physical Therapists working towards inclusion and equal participation for people with various abilities. We strive towards developing skills of people with varied needs and provide equal opportunities for participation in the society.

On several sets of discussions,  we mulled over changes that are acutely required in an increasingly more aware and civil society to help all it's members get equal participation opportunities and become more accepting and inclusive. 

In our years of practice, the children that we used to work with have grown into part of our lives and we have lived every instance of being excluded with them or the joy of every incremental progress. 

This experience was formative, when we were setting the values and our mission as an organisation. 

Our Team

Anshu has a 13 year work experience with children with special needs. An Occupational Therapist with a masters in developmental disabilities, is a certified Neuro Developmental Therapist - from the NDTA-USA. NDT helps children with with neuromotor disabilities gain functional,trained in Sensory Integration by the USC-WPS, and certified in use and evaluation by the Handwriting without tears program. She enjoys working with Children in the pool. In the eight years of experience she has been associated with several paediatric clinics in Gurgaon, Delhi and Bangalore and worked with Inclusive and special schools in Gurgaon and in Noida. She has helped set up and maintain OT setups and strengthen inclusive programs. 
She has completed and presented research on inclusion and on Sensory Integration in national forums.

Surya Prakash is a special educator with a 9 year experience in different school and therapy centers. I enjoy working with children and young adults across age groups. 

He employs techniques of Behavior modification, cognitive analysis and various learning theories to develop learning and reading we know every child is unique and they have their own strength to learn, I like to teach them functional education through computer, sports and ADL. 

Governing Values 

To develop skills of people with various needs and provide equal opportunities for
participation in the society


  • Inclusion & Diversity

We believe every individual belongs.

  • Integrity

We are always fair, authentic and honest in all our interactions.

  • Respect & Compassion

Treating people with dignity regardless of abilities.

  • Excellence & Innovation

We redefine the standards of practice by encompassing revolutionary methods.

  • Dedication & Commitment

We strive and make sacrifices working towards the principals and goals committed to.