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Creative Approaches To Facilitate Development In Children

We are a team of dedicated Special Educators, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and Physical Therapists working towards inclusion and equal participation for people with various abilities. We strive towards developing skills of people with varied needs and provide equal opportunities for participation in the society through a child centric approach.

Through the use of evidence based approaches we are able to help children progress. Over the years we have worked with hundreds of children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Downs syndrome and other developmental disabilities.

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Why Choose Sunshine?

  • Our Team: Expert in OT, Special education and Speech Therapy with vast experience.
  • We Care: Dedicated to holistic development of chidren.
  • Our Experience: Team has experience of working in various setups inclusive and clinical.
  • We Deliver: Through the customised child centric approach, we are able to bring shifts in children.
  • Our Expertise: Certified in SI, NDT, OPT, HWT, Tomatiz, AMT etc.

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Best Occupational Therapists For Your Kids

We will be India's foremost service provider for people with different needs. We will impact lives, shape mind sets and create a movement towards inclusion

  • A setup that boats of all contemporary equipments
  • Therapists with an experience of 15+ years
  • Certified in NDT, SI, OPT, HWT, AMT and The Tomatis method
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Occupational Therapy

A child’s role in life is to play and interact with other children. Pediatric occupational therapy helps children gain independence while also strengthening the development of fine motor skills, sensory motor skills and visual motor skills that children need to perform the function/motion related activities and to be socialize.

Speech Therapy

A speech disorder is a condition in which kids have a problem forming speech sounds that are needed to communicate with others. If your kid or your beloved one is facing difficulty in creating speech then, then you should definitely get in touch with the best speech therapy for kids service providers.

Special Education

Special education provides students with identified disabilities specialized instructions designed to meet their unique learning needs, giving them the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential. Special education is specially designed to address the unique learning needs of a student.

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Anshu Pandey

Occupational Therapist

Surya Prakash

Special Educator

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Computer Skills for Kids

Computers have become a big part of most people’s daily lives. Maybe you have one at home, or maybe you use one in the computer lab at school. Even if you don’t have a computer, you’ll still need to learn a few different things to be able to use one well and use it safely. Once you master these skills, you will be able to use a computer at home or at school to do all sorts of things easily! Using the Internet can be a lot of fun: You can play games online, email friends, and do research to learn new things. As you get older, you will need to know how to find information online for school projects. But it’s important to remember that there are things and people online that are not safe. Some websites can give your computer viruses that make it not work properly, and some people you meet online might be dangerous people who are lying about who they are. It’s important to know how to use the Internet safely and avoid strangers online just like you avoid strangers in real life.

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Balance is the ability to hold your body upright and steady without falling down! This could be in sitting or standing, moving or standing still, with eyes open or closed. Balance is a significant component of child development and relies heavily on the vestibular system and Proprioceptive systems. Children must learn to balance before they can progress to higher level gross motor skills like stair negotiation, hopping, galloping or skipping. Vestibular sensory input is a powerful tool in helping children with sensory needs. Adding a few vestibular activities to the day allows for long-lasting effects. Every individual requires vestibular sensory input in natural development. In fact, as infants, we are exposed to vestibular input that promotes a natural and healthy development and integration of all systems and they help in a normal development. Vestibular activities not only challenge against gravity to help kids with difficulties in equilibrium, balance, self-regulation, also adjusting to typical sensory input. Red flags of vestibular processing challenges: Poor visual processing Poor spatial awareness Poor balance Difficulty with bilateral integration Sequencing deficits Poor visual-motor skills Poor constructional abilities Poor discrimination of body position Poor discrimination of movement Poor equilibrium Subtle difficulties discerning the orientation of head Trouble negotiating action sequences NEURAL CENTERS FOR BALANCING: The cerebellum is at the back of the brain, below the cerebrum. It's a lot smaller than the cerebrum at only 1/8 of its size. But it's a very important part of the brain. It controls balance, movement, and coordination (how your muscles work together). The semicircular canals and the vestibule of the inner ear together help to maintain the balance and equilibrium of the body. The semicircular canals are filled with a fluid called the endolymph. Each one of the semicircular canals has an enlarged cuplike structure called the cupula.The cupula has thin hair cells The inner ear (also called the labyrinth) contains 2 main structures — the cochlea, which is involved in hearing, and the vestibular system (consisting of the 3 semicircular canals, saccule and utricle), which is responsible for maintaining balance. More specifically, as the fluid in the cochlea moves it moves tiny hairs within the cochlea, creating nerve impulses that your brain can understand. The semicircular canals of the inner ear help you with balance. When you move your head, fluid inside the semicircular canals moves as well. Activities for Balancing: Playground: swings, hanging bars, ladder, floating bridge, etc. Animal and bug walks Playing volleyball with a light ball or balloon Rocking in a rocking chair Swinging in a hammock Jumping on a trampoline or with a jump rope Walking through an uneven terrain obstacle course (stepping over step stools, boxes, bubble wrap, pillows, cushions) Follow the leader animal walks Rolling down a grassy hill Sitting and bouncing on a large exercise ball Balancing on a 1-legged stool Standing on balance boards Walking or running up and down ramp Going up and down stairways or curbs Vestibular Input: BALANCING ACTIVITIES @HOME. Providing organizing input 2-3 times per day, usually in the morning, afternoon, and evening can help a child maintain a level of arousal needed to attend to perform daily tasks. Provide movement throughout the day is important to meet your child’s movement needs.Theses activities may hype your child up so make sure they are not done prior to activities that require prolonged attention (i.e. meals, homework, etc.) Remember, 15 minutes of vestibular input can last up to 12 hours. Below are some activities to help: Swinging- if you do not currently have a swing set, it may be something you should look into buying.Swinging provides some of the most intensive vestibular input. Riding a bicycle or taking a walk Swaying in a hammock Rock in rocking chair or rocking horse Jumping on trampoline or in bounce house Sit and spin or spinning in office chair Bouncing on large ball Dancing, marching, twirling Jumping rope Imitating head positions Slides and climbing on playground equipment Summersaults Create an obstacle course to crawl under, over, through chairs, cushions, pillows, etc. References:

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Vocational Unit

Children and young adults are involved in various processes of chocolate making and packaging to become vocationally independent and be meaningfully engaged. ​They put up stalls to learn money skills - handling and exchange. We have had plenty of fun social exchanges during these stalls. Having worked in the field for over a decade, autism awareness is very close to our hearts. We believe that awareness will lead to acceptance and inclusion and creating a diverse, rich community. Having said that, we did not want to fall into the trap of exhibitionism and displaying of – what we feel is extending our ideas of the ranges of the normal. We are proud of each one of our children, and we wanted others to see how and why we so fiercely advocate them. We decided to put up a stall of the chocolates that they make in our vocational unit. They’ll learn to use money, they’d get to interact with so many people and have so many unpredictable social exchanges. Maybe the society learns to appreciate, the value and the possible productivity of people with Autism, and maybe, maybe this leads to acceptance of them in schools, other educational institutions, on the metro, in a job, in a mall ……….. (the list of places where disability is frowned upon is inexhaustible) if we show they how the children excel at things that broken into bite sized steps and helped them practice through the chocolates that they make at the vocational unit in the center to become meaningfully engaged and independent. We started talking to people around asking for possible venues, we didn’t want the first time we were taking them out to be anything less than a happy positive experience. We spoke to Galleria, Sector 56, Cyber Hub and almost all major market places in Gurgaon. In all conversations, I could sense the ‘want to help and do good’ but not probably the effort. On the day itself, we scouted the place before we brought the children and the things. Lest the curiosity towards them, be directed to them. It was nothing like had expected it to be, “Where are the customers?”, “Keep the change” “No money! you’re not buying” “When will we get sold out?” We had the hardest time controlling laughter. But there was so much that they were learning, handling money, keeping account, handling more than one conversations together, additions, handling requests for discounts… and so many more! “Let’s stay till the evening!” We hope so too, to keep on till the evening and to keep calling into question the definition of normality and the acceptance of uniqueness.

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Sunshine is a centre for children and adults with special needs. We are committed towards inclusion of people with special needs in the society. We provide therapies and education to help people of all abilities reach their highest potential. Happy to Help !!

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